Music Times


Folk: 7:30pm–11.00pm


Old Time Jazz: 2:30pm–6.30pm
Folk: 7:30pm–11.00pm


Old Time Jazz: 3pm–7:30pm

We provide live music for special events

Live Bands

Norfolk 'n Klew

Norfolk ‘n Klew (Fridays)

Norfolk ‘n Klew delivers a mixture of pop classics with a good smattering of country and folk served up with their own seasoning. Featuring some of the best playing and worst jokes that you will ever hear, Steve and Stuart sing lots of pub favourites as well as some lesser known treasures.


Norfolk ‘n’ Goode (Saturdays)

Scotty B Goode and Steve Norfolk play a wide variety of popular music including 60’, 70’s and 80’s classics, country, folk, bluegrass as well some big Aussie hits and Irish songs.

Featuring strong vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonicas and some very electric bass playing coupled with some very ordinary humour, this duo will entertain you. Yes, together Steve and Scotty are Norfolk ‘n Goode.

Old Time Band

Old Time Band (Saturday and Sundays)

The Old Time Band is a mainstream trad and swing band, and an institution at the Hero of Waterloo. Led by Johhny Wray, who played in swing and trad bands in London during the 50s, and Valda Marshall, who plays the trumpet, cornet, saxophone and flugelhorn. Come along on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to listen to the authentic voice of mainstream jazz … with an Australian accent!

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